Ellipse Flat Split Tip

Ellipse Flat Split Tip

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    The flat base on our Ellipse Flat Split Tip holds perfectly on the natural eyelashes taking the weight to 0.07 in thickness. What gives the Ellipse Flat that beautiful texture is the perfect split at the tip.

    We recommend any of our Hi Sweet tweezers. I particularly like the Long Boot for this lash, along with the Ms Black adhesive. Don’t forget to dispense Ms Black on the Foil Dots xx



    We love flat lashes for 1:1 lashing as each lash weighs approximately half of its traditional lash equivalent.  Our Ellipse Flat Split Tip look full as a classic set or mix them up with Pandora ashes to Triple-Layer lashes, if you are not sure ask us for a sample.


    • Theses are mid shine version of the Ellipse Flat Matte Split Tip
    • Perfectly tapped with a split-tip to give fullness
    • Softer than regular classic lashes 0.15T weight 0.07 on the lash
    • Blend perfectly with any of our volume lashes
    • Foil backing tape numbered on each row



Classic eyelash extensions don’t have to hold extra weight, they also don’t have to look unnatural.

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