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MsBlack is 100 percent oil and  100 percent waterproof 

MsBlack is Manufactured in  GERMANY  and only of the purest, highest grade medical ingredients

MsBlack Bonds in 0.5 –1 seconds depending on humidity

MsBlack works within humidity of 10% – 90%

MsBlack also works between 19° to 28° room temperature.

MsBlack has NO CARBON BLACK, however, she is black in colour

Classic lashes, Volume lashes & Mega Volume Lashes use the Bubble technique

Has durability of 5 to 6 weeks.

One drop of MsBlack, you can work for 45 – 1.5 hours

Close to zero fumes

Medium viscosity

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What is MsBlack_HS?  Our adhesive is every lash artists dream adhesive,  MsBlack will change everything you thought wasn’t possible! Why ?? It works in  ALL humidities and temperatures 10-90 percent. With a bonding time of 0.2-1 second and a workable time of two hours, not to mention she is  100% oil and waterproof adhesive. MsBlack will change the way you use lash adhesives forever. Close to zero fumes, perfect for those sensitive eyes. MsBlack contains Ricinus Communis Oil and Medical Grade Cyanoacrylate.

How to use MsBlack_HS  The most desirable way to use a MsBlack is by applying a small  bead of adhesive on a foil glue dot ( see our products for this) we do suggest you use a technique called the ‘BUBBLE TECHNIQUE” 

WHAT is the bubble Technique –  Start with a small dome of MsBlack adhesive on a glue foil, take the base of the lash extension and scoop through the middle of the adhesive dome. You will scoop up a small dot of MsBlack the size of a grain of sugar.  This is the method we suggest to give the best retention.  

If your salon is a  higher humidity is the longer MsBlack will remain workable for hours.  Remember if she starts to get tacky apply another dome of Adhesive 

How do I store MsBlack_HS ?  MsBlack will stay fresh up to 3 months after she is opened and 9 months unopened after manufactured. Remember to store her correctly and keep MsBlack away from direct sunlight preferably under 25 degrees Centigrade. You can store UNOPENED MsBlack in the refrigerator. Please don’t put her in the freezer.  Before you start lashing take MsBlack out of the fridge we suggest 30 minutes before using.

Do not put it back in the refrigerator after opening as water will develop inside the bottle and start the curing process of the glue.

Before I start lashing  Give msBlack a good shake side to side for 1 -2 minutes. This can be done regularly and we recommend this. Please only use MsBlack_HS on glass or a  crystal stone,  or a jade stone, ceramic plate, or on our foil glue dots. She doesn’t like plastic or paper, allow MsBlack_HS  to take a  bit of a breather with the lid for 5 min before use. 

Curing time

 Note the curing will start when the extension attaches to the natural lash x
Please read all of the setting times  IMPORTANT! 
45% Humidity will set in 0.05
Less than  45% Humidity will set in 1 second
Over 45% Humidity  will set in 0.03 seconds

MsBlack_HS is black in colour  adhesive but doesn’t contain carbon black

MSDS and PDF information facts all Hi Sweet liquids have been checked by the NICNAS.




Reviews (3)

3 reviews for MsBlack

  1. SS Beauty Hut

    Absolutely in LOVE with this glue! No need to think about temperature and humidity anymore. I am new to lashing and this has helped speed up my lashing process and also eliminated any “stickies” whatsoever. Clients come back with the most amazing retention and even let me know that they notice the difference. Absolutely recommend!

  2. Ton’s Lash Room (verified owner)

    This glue has changed my lashing game.
    It’s amazing to not have to be so closely focused on the temp and humidity or the room.
    My retention has gone through the roof.
    I cannot recommend this glue enough

  3. Bohemian Beauty Bar (verified owner)

    Ms Black is on another level!

    By far the best glue I have used. I have had so many clients give me incredible feedback saying my glue game is on point!

    The retention is amazing, the no fumes are amazing, the dry time is amazing. I general Ms Black IS AMAZING

    I will never change my glue

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