Ribbon Lashes

Are you eyes wide open to trying  something new and customisable for your next night out? Look no further than ribbon lashes! These long cluster lashes can be cut and attached underneath your top lashes for a more natural and customisable look. Here are our top 5 ribbon lash styles to try:
The Classic: If you want a timeless look that goes with any outfit, try our Bonnie ribbon lashes. These lashes are a range of lengths and feature a mix of sizes for any effect.
The Glam: For a more dramatic look, try our Charlie or Dotty ribbon lashes. These lashes are extra thick with a flat base
The Cat Eye: If you love the look of cat eye makeup, our Bonnie ribbon lashes are perfect for you. These lashes are longest at the outer corners, creating a flirty and feminine effect.

The Custom: Finally, if you want to create your own unique lash style, try our customisable ribbon lashes. Any of our styles you can mix and match  l to create your perfect look.
To apply ribbon lashes, simply cut the strip to the length of your eye and apply a small amount of the duo Bonder  to the underside. Then, attach the cluster gently underneath your top lashes, using  our Strictly tweezers  adjust the placement as needed. Finish with the Duo Sealer.
Ribbon lashes are a great way to experiment with different lash styles without committing to a full set of extensions. Plus, they’re reusable and easy to apply yourself, making them a cost-effective alternative to salon lash services. Try one of our top 3 customisable ribbon lash styles today and see the difference for yourself!

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