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MsBlack speedy is here

Game changer in lash adhesive

Lash adhesive has taken on a life force of its own! There are so many factors to take into consideration when your having to balance your salon humidity and temperature, not to mention storing your expensive adhesive.

So what is the fuss over the new Ms Black adhesive?

Ive listed below some key elements of @MsBlack_HS and if you can’t tell I’m pretty excited to launch this product into the Hi Sweet lash range.

After years of sampling almost hundreds of lash adhesives I am so happy to introduce an adhesive that ticks so many artist wish list in a lash adhesive.

All the way from Germany, this lash adhesive has very tight restrictions when it comes to product ingredients. Our customers are our number one priority.

Be assured that the ingredients in MsBlack_HS are medical grade and only of the purest form.

  • Bonding 1-2 sec this dose just according to the room temperature and humidity
  • Alcohol is not to be used with MsBlack_HS however we recommend using Flutter foam HS foaming eyelash cleaners.

Ms Black is made in GERMANY European Union and only of the purest & highest medical grade ingredients.

Ms Black promises the following:

  • Bonds in 0.2 – 1 seconds
  • Works in humidity of 10% – 95%
  • Works between 19° to 25° room temperature.
  • Has NO CARBON BLACK, but is black in colour.
  • Classic lashes, Volume lashes & Mega Volume Lashes
  • Has a durability of 5 to 6 weeks.
  • One drop of MsBlack_HS, you can work for 45 – 120 min
  • Above 75% up to 4-5 hours
  • Nearly NO fumes
  • Medium viscosity

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