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BAM Lash & Brow


Get the Perfect Lift with the BAM Lash and Brow Lifting system kit.

Results with a fully equipped kit easy to use ? Look no further than the BAM lash and brow lifting system! This fully equipped kit includes everything you need to give your lashes and brows a lift, all in one convenient package.
The BAM system uses gentle and nourishing formulas to lift and separate your lashes and brows, giving them a natural-looking lift that lasts for weeks. The easy-to-use pump bottles make application a breeze, so you can get the perfect lift every time.
Here’s how the BAM lash and brow lifting system works:
Step 1: Apply the Lash Cleansing Solution
The first step is to apply the lash cleansing solution to your lashes. This solution is gentle and nourishing, so it won’t damage your lashes like some other lash lifting treatments. Simply pump a small amount of the solution onto the included applicator brush and brush it onto your lashes.
Step 2: Apply the Lash Lifting adhesive. This adhesive holds the gel pads into place and the lashes.
Step 3: Apply the Lash Lifting Solution. This opens up the hair follicles ready for the fixing solution.
Step 4: Apply the Lash Fixing Solution. This solution uses gentle ingredients fixes the lashes into place closing the
Step 5: Apply the Nourishing Solution. This solution nourishes the lashes locking in hydration and protecting the lashes
The easy to use 5ml pump style bottles
The BAM lash and brow lifting system is the perfect way to get the perfect lift for your lashes and brows, all in one convenient kit. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!


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