NZ Beauty Reviews Hi Sweet Lift



After eight years of product research and development, Hi Sweet Lash & Brow Kit is set to launch in New Zealand later month.

Founder Rhondda Carnevale is Kiwi who lives on both sides of the ditch and has dedicated more than a decade to solving industry issues such as lash extension  glue capable of coping with Austrilia’s changing humidity (MsBlack); a multi  stick cleanser and moisturiser ( BabyButtface), and a mascara aimed at lash growth and hydration (Blinkink).

Self -confessed ‘beauty geek’ admits that once she gets an idea she pulls out all the spots to research and find solutions. Hi Sweet Lash Lift is Rhondda’s latest development: made in Europ and designed to give curl to natural lashes, while also nourishing lashes.

Made with amnio acids, enzymes and cysteamine ( which has the same characteristics as the hairs own keratin), the gentle lash lifting system is free of ammonia, ethanolamine and thioglycolate.

“Its getting great traction in Austrilia and Japan and I’m really excited to release it in New Zealand – plus it has been three years since I’ve managed to get home so I cant wait to land back on Kiwi soil”.