Brow lamination is a special method to flatten and give texture to your eyebrows without using harsh perming chemicals. The treatment consists of four steps not including the brow tinting.
The eyebrows are the most important feature of the face. The charisma and the facial expressions are determined by the eyebrows: they shape the eyes, narrow or enlarge the face.

This technique helps to correct asymmetric eyebrows while solving the problem of hair growing in different directions. The result? A beautiful eyebrow shape that looks natural yet powerful.

This is the best and gentlest way to fight hard, stubborn and unruly eyebrows. During this application, the hair is softened and can be styled in the desired direction. After application your eyebrows will look fuller and darker, they will remain in the desired shape, even after cleansing the face. Eyebrow shaping for a uniform eyebrow shape is the ultimate solution for asymmetric eyebrows.


What makes Hi Sweet BROW so different from other brands?
The Hi Sweet Brow is free from Ammonia, Ethanolamine and Thioglycolate. Instead, it is replaced with amnio acids, enzymes and Cysteamine. The Hi Sweet Brow includes two Brow treatments that give hydration and volume for the eyebrows . The Shine and Repair seals the brows allowing the client to wet her eyebrows after the treatment. While increasing the diameter of the brow hairs.

Where is Hi Sweet Brow made?
Hi Sweet Brow, is made with love in Europe. The science behind Hi Sweet Brow has been years in the making and there are lots more to come