Thanks so much for my beautiful lash lift.

I just wanted to say the below.

It’s the second time I’ve had my lashes done with Hi Sweet and since i have never had so many compliments.

The lift has really opened my eyes and also lifted my face. Getting ready in the morning is almost half the time now as i do not need to wear mascara anymore.

The quality of the lift even after 8 weeks has remained with all lashes in pristine condition. My friends have commented stating where they go sometimes their lashes cross over or bend after a few weeks. I can definitely feel the difference with the product used on me, knowing its chemical free gives me so much more confidence to return again and again as I have confidence my lashes will not be damaged. I trust Rhonda’s perfectionism and professionalism so much  I rub my eyes often when I am tired (before bed) and also in the shower, everytime i freak out I might have messed them up,  I look in the mirror after to check if my lashes are okay and each time they are still perfect.

The before and after photos are outstanding and I feel the second time I had my lift done, it gets better and better and the lashes seem to be longer.

I have never been so happy and cannot recommend Hi Sweet lash lift enough.

Thanks again and cannot wait for my next session.