Brow Lamination Sample Kit

Brow Lamination Sample Kit

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    Easy Lift Softens strong brow hairs and lashes 

    Brow 1  gently breaks down the disulfide bonds in the lash keratin. Therefore, allowing your lashes to be as close to a neutral pH as possible. This avoids potential irritation and damage to your lashes. The convenience of the syringe makes for an easy, less wasteful application of the lotion, as it shields the lotion from oxidation.

     Brow 2 neutralizes the pH level of the lashes after the application of the Curling Lotion. It fixes the new curl by restoring the disulfide bonds. Please allow 7 minutes for all lash types with the Fixing Lotion.

    The results of the Lift will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Both the glue and lotions are
    made from medical and food-grade ingredients.

    Add the intensive Infusion to your Lift Kit and Shine & Repair to seal the lashes. Additional products can be purchased to go with your Lift Kit, including refills for the 6ml Curling Lotion and Fixing Lotion syringes.


    1x sample Easy lift 
    1x sample Brow 1
    1x sample Brow 2 
    1x  sample Infusion 1.5 
    1x sample Shine & Repair 




The Hi Sweet sample Brow Kit is a perfect taster kit to get you doing Brow lamination the natural way

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