Lift Glue 5g

Lift Glue 5g

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Strong, smooth and accurate placement

30 treatments per bottle

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    Apply the Lift Glue in three sections; the outer corner, the middle, and the Inner corner. Start at the outer corner of the gel pad and apply the adhesive to this section.

    Using the Hi Sweet Lift Tweezers and Lift Comb, glue the lashes up onto the gel pads (It is VERY IMPORTANT TO GET TENSION AT THE WATERLINE when lifting the lashes onto the gel pads. If the tension of the lashes is too loose, the lashes will not get the best lift)

    Using the Lash Comb, separate the lashes on the pads making sure lashes do not cross over each other

    The waterline should be slightly exposed and all of the natural lashes should be tightly pulled up onto the gel pad or rod

    Once the lashes are lifted and not crossed over, apply more Lift Glue to the gel pad and lift the next section of the lashes up onto the gel pads

    Repeat this until all of the lashes are lifted

    A common mistake with adhesive is applying too much. This will effect the lift as the lashes can not absorb the lotions. If extra adhesive is needed, apply and allow the lashes to set in place and scrape off the excess adhesive. However, if the lashes are thick then use the Easy Lift Solution in the preparation stage, this will soften the lashes and allow for easier lifting onto the gel pads.

    Application of Lift Glue on Hi Sweet YouTube channel.


    Aqua, Acrylates Copolymer, Dextrin, Alcohol

    Ch. Nr 0519

    5g 2 months exp




The Hi Sweet Lift Glue is a gentle adhesive usable on your eyes for lifting eyelashes onto the Gel Pads during a Lash Lift.

You must always close the product after each use and keep the opening of the bottle clean.



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