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Infusion 1.5 6ml-Syringe Airless

Infusion 1.5 6ml-Syringe Airless

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    Apply very sparingly to the lashes or brows using the syringe and a Micro Tip (be careful not to flood the lashes doing this application, some of the lashes may fall down if too much is applied)

    Using a Micro Tip apply a small amount of Infusion 1.5 and apply in an upwards direction – leave 1mm of the tip free

    Wait 1 min and apply a second coat of Infusion if you feel the clients lashes need it

    Remove in a upwards direction with a clean dry cotton tip

    Application instructions on applying Infusion 1.5 are on the Hi Sweet YouTube channel


    The application of the Lash Infusion is directly after Curling Lotion 1 & Brow 1. This is because at this time, the natural eyelash is the most receptive, since in this phase the lashes’ cuticles are maximally open. Hereby, the fiber layer reacts like a sponge and absorbs the important nutrients contained in Lash Infusion directly.

    All organic

    Increases volume

    Strong and shiny eyelashes and brows

    Moisturises and regenerates



Infusion 1.5 6ml gives up to 22 lifts in one syringe. The syringe allows for a clean and easy application. Comes in15ml size dose lashes and brow lamination



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