Lash Lift & Brow Kit

Lash Lift & Brow Kit

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FREE OF Ammonia

FREE OF Thioglycolic

FREE OF Ethanolamine


Keeping lashes healthy same results without the damage on the lashes and brows


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    Curling Lotion 1 6ml

    Brow 1 15ml

    Infusion 1.5 15ml

    Brow 2 15ml

    Shine & Repair 15ml

    Lift Glue 5g

    Gel Pads

    Lash Combs

    Lift Tweezers



    Curling Lotion 1 is the first step in the Lash Lift. It breaks down gently the disulfide bonds in the lash keratin. As such, this allows the lash to be shaped while keeping the pH as close to neutral as possible to avoid causing damage to lashes risk of causing any irritation has been reduced to a minimum. Curling Lotion 1 is free of ammonia, thioglycolate, and ethanolamine. It is also vegan!

    Our cleverly designed 6ml syringes allow for precision in every application Our processing times: are between 11-15mins. However, the Hi Sweet Curling Lotion is so gentle you can safely alter the timings to suit the client’s lashes.

    BROW 1 15ml

    Hi Sweet Brow 1 is the first step in the Brow Laminate. It’s super friendly to your brow hairs, due to it being free of ammonia, thioglycolate, and ethanolamine. It is also vegan!

    Brow 1 is so gentle. There is no minimum time gap between Brow Laminations since brow hairs do not get damaged or dehydrated after the laminate! Because of this, you can repeat the treatment however often your clients like.

    INFUSION 1.5 15ml 

    Infusion 1.5 is a particularly gentle and nourishing composition. It’s all organic and was especially developed for the cortex of the hair. Therefore, Infusion 1.5 incorporates into the natural eyelash and brow hairs in the most absorbable phase of lash lifting and brow lamination.

    Infusion 1.5 is applied directly following the first step in either the Lash Lift or the Brow Laminate. At this point, the natural eyelashes and brow hairs are the most receptive because the hair cuticles are maximally open. As a result, the medulla/cortex of the hair is like a sponge and directly absorbs the important nutrients that the Infusion contains. With the contained moisturisers in Infusion 1.5, the eyelashes and eyebrows become more voluminous, strong, and shiny. This lotion provides the reshaped eyelashes and brow hairs with nutrients and moisture and gives them a great shine. Infusion 1.5 contains liquid silk proteins in a nutrient solution that regenerates, protects and moisturises the eyebrows and eyelashes.

    Infusion ingredients include Keratin, Argan oil, Hyaluronic acid, Provitamin B5, silk protein, and castor oil.  The Infusion also aids in the lash and brow hair’s absorption of these oils and proteins.

    BROW 2 15ml 

    Brow 2 works by neutralizing the pH level of the lashes and the brows after the Curling Lotion 1 and Brow 1. However, we have the additional Lash Infusion 1.5 in the kit that is applied after the Curling Lotion 1. Brow 2 fixes the brow curl by restoring the disulfide bonds.

    Please allow 7 to 10 min processing time. Brow 2 15ml can be used on the lashes as the fixing lotion as they are the same product.

    SHINE & REPAIR 15ml 

    The Hi Sweet Shine & Repair adds shine and volume at the final stage of the Lash Lift and Brow Laminate. Not only does Shine & Repair mend damaged and broken lashes and brow hairs, it also give the allusion of darker lashes and brows. Shine & Repair completely closes the hair cuticles. It also strengthens and fixes the hairs. This product will allow your clients to get their lashes and eyebrows wet immediately after their Lash Lift or Brow Laminate, no more waiting 24 hours!

    LIFT GLUE 5g:

    The Lash Lift Glue by Hi Sweet is a water-soluble adhesive for gluing eyelashes onto silicone shields to perform the Lash Lift.


    There are additional products that can be purchased separately from the kit. The Easy Lift is one of our favourite products that work in addition to the Lift kit.

    Each kit will provide up to 22-25 lash lifts/brow laminations. The Lift Kit and Brow Kit includes a PDF manual available after purchase to download.

    Hi Sweet provides FREE training for all Lift Kits and Brow Laminates. If you are unable to do training in Perth we offer Zoom or FT Teams training. Full ongoing support. There is also a Hi Sweet YouTube channel covering Lift Kit steps 1-14 and Laminate Steps 1-9.

    If you would like to see how the Lift and/or Laminate works, you can book into our product training room. Please note training is only offered with the purchase of a kit. Contact us for more information.


    Regular Lash lifts promoted this clients lash growth

    Hi Sweet Brow laminate done by @tonslashroom in Perth. The eyebrow are left soft and hydrated with no chance of brow loss. The use of the Shine & Repair enables the client to get her brows wet straight away. All training is free



All the way from Europe, the Hi Sweet Lash Lift & Brow Laminate is now here! Hi Sweet is ready to take lash curling and brow lamination to a more natural vegan and organic service.

A full training manual PDF download is provided after purchase.


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