Easy Lift 15ml

Easy Lift 15ml

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Easy Lift is the solution to soften the lashes and brows before a lash lift and brow lamination to make the hairs soft and easily bendable.

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A 15ml pre-lash solution to soften lashes prior to the lash lift or brow Lamanite. Perfect for straight and strong lashes and brows.

The fight between eyelashes and silicone pads has come to an end.

So far, it has been a struggle for the lash-stylist to work short or coarse and stubborn eyelashes.

Every lash-stylist knows the problem of eyelashes peeling off the silicone pads when the lashes are coarse, too short, or too strong.

Easy Lift prepares the eyelashes and eyebrows, softens them, and makes it easier to put the eyelashes on the silicone pad within seconds.

Easy Lift works by opening up lash and brows hair cuticles, Easy Lift won’t dry out the hairs, unlike a lash primer.  If you are finding that the client’s lashes aren’t holding onto the lash pads Easy Lift is the perfect solution.  Easy Lift is used in the Hi Sweet Lift and the Hi Sweet Brow lamination prior to the treatment.

Use a  glue ring and dip a  micro tip into the solution, then apply to the clients lashes or brows don’t oversoak the lashes or brows, wait 30 seconds then start the Lift or laminate.

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