Curling Lotion 1 15ml

Curling Lotion 1 15ml

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FREE OF Ammonia

FREE OF Ammonium derivates such as Ammonium Bicarbonate

FREE OF Ethanalomine

FREE OF Thioglycolate

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Hi Sweet Curling Lotion is super lash friendly, due to it being free of ammonia, thioglycolate, and ethanolamine. It is also vegan! Curling Lotion 1 is step 1 in the Hi Sweet Lash Lift. The Lift kit includes two hydrating and nourishing treatments that repair, protect and seal the lashes.

The Hi Sweet Curling Lotion 1 is so gentle. There is no minimum time gap between Lash lifts since lashes do not get damaged or dehydrated after the Lift! Because of this, you can repeat the treatment however often your clients like.


Apply the Curling Lotion from the Airless pump onto the lashes or use a Micro Tip

Apply the curling lotion from the waterline to 1mm clear of the tips of the lashes. Come as close to the waterline without touching the water line

Work the Curling lotion gently upwards from the water line to the tip

Leave on for between 10 and a maximum of 15 minutes, depending on the eyelash thickness and structure.

Remove with a dry cotton tip from the base of the water line upwards

Apply enough Curling lotion to cover the lashes

For thicker very straight lashes that grow downwards – you may need to break the growth direction of the lashes to get the best results. See directions

Please allow 10 to 15  minutes (15 MAX) for average processing. Due to the gentle ingredients in the Curling Lotion you may feel that on some lashes, a longer processing time is needed.

Application instructions on applying Curling Lotion 1 are on the Hi Sweet YouTube channel 


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