Vegan Brow Lotion 1 15ml

Vegan Brow Lotion 1 15ml

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Free of Ammonia

Free of Thioglycolic

Free of Ethanolamine



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Brow Lotion 1 steps one in the Hi Sweet Vegan brow Lamination, Free of ammonia and harsh perming chemicals.

Hi Sweet Brow lotion 1  is not to be used instead of the Curling lotion 1 for lashes, Brow Lotion 1 is a specially designed curling lotion for brows.  Hi Sweet Vegan Brow lotion 1  has been designed for the brow skin and not the eyelashes.

So tell me how the Brow Lotion by Hi Sweet works?

Hi Sweet Brow Lotion 1 is without harsh perming chemicals and so gentle on the skin. Brow lotion 1 is designed to soften keratin and allows you to create the perfect brow laminate, lasting up to 4 -6weeks.

How do I apply the Brow Lotion 1?

Using a lip wand or micro brush working from the inner corner outwards from base to tip. Do circular motions, with the wand to allow the brow hairs to soften. Easy Lift can be used prior to the Brow Lamanite to assist the hairs to soften, this will eliminate the amount of Brow lotion you will use.  When the brow hairs are softened remove the Brow Lotion with a dry q-tip or lip wand. You will notice how the brow hairs will stay exactly where you want them. This process can be done again if the hairs aren’t sitting flat.



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