Vegan Lash and Brow Lift

Vegan lash lift and vegan brow lamination by Hi Sweet, sold Australia and New Zealand we also ship to other international countries. What makes our Vegan lash lift the best lash lift on the market is the removal of the harsh perming chemicals that are in other treatments.   Regular use of harsh perming chemicals can cause brow loss skin irritation and dry crunchy over processed lashes and eyebrows. With the removal of these harsh chemicals a lash lift and brow lamination can be preformed regularly.


There is some confusion regarding the expression Lash Lamination. Is it a part of the Lash Lift treatment, just a different word for the whole treatment, or a completely different treatment than a Lash Lift? So here’s the breakdown on what’s what.

The aim here is to clarify this. The beginning of the confusion derived from mixing two languages – English and Russian: In Russian Lash Lift is called “Laminirovanie” so many manufacturers targeting the Russian market started calling their Lash Lift products “Lamination” products. When Russian Lash Lifting teachers teach in English-speaking countries where they still call the treatment the same without explaining that the word in English is Lash Lift. So naturally, students who have only attended Russian Lash Lift courses call their treatment the same as their teachers.

Now here’s the problem – when teachers don’t explain the translation some students start to believe that what they have learned is a different treatment from Lash Lift altogether. An even bigger problem is, for some reason, some of these teachers make intentional claims as if “Lamination” was somehow a better treatment than a Lash Lift by spreading rumors about the latter. So let’s have a look at these rumors:

Claim 1Lash Lamination is “good” for your lashes and Lash Lift is “bad” for your lashes. They claim that it’s because Lash Lamination is done in an alkaline environment (created by the lotions used) and Lash Lift is done in an acidic environment that “burns” the lashes. This is the claim that irritates the most since it’s nonsense – all lifting treatments MUST be done in an alkaline environment because you need an alkaline environment to break down the keratin in the eyelashes (the  most commonly used is thioglycolate to get a

pH of 8,5 to 9,5). It does not break down in an acidic environment so if the claim was true the lashes would not lift at all with Lash


Claim 2: The products used for Lash Lamination have completely different ingredients than Lash Lift products. This is another false claim as there is not one specific Lash Lift product line but many different ones


Claim 3: The steps of Lash Lamination treatment are different than Lash Lift treatment. This is another fabrication as they are EXACTLY the same – perming (curling), fixing, and nourishing the lashes.


Claim 4: Lash Lamination is “better” for your lashes than Lash Lift because it closes the lash hair cuticle while Lash Lift leaves the cuticles open so lashes are brittle after the treatment. This, too, is totally untrue. The Sodium Bromate used in the Lash Lift fixing lotion closes the hair cuticle and keeps it in shape after the curling treatment. You can always ask your retailer for the product’s MSDS that lists all the ingredients or look at the INCI list used so you can check this for yourself.


What is true is that Lash Lamination is the name for one particular product that was first created by a brand called Yumi Lashes. Today there are many alternatives by different manufacturers. This product may be added to the Lash Lift treatment as the very last step to moisturize and add vitamins, proteins, and a dark shiny hue to the lashes.

What is a Hi Sweet Lift?

Lash lifting is a special method to lift and strengthen your own eyelashes without using artificial eyelashes. The treatment consists of four steps not including the lash tint.

The results will lift straight lashes similar to the curl of an eyelash extension.

When the lashes are lifted it opens the eyes giving an awake and glamourous make-up look to the eyes. Mascara can be worn after the lift to give a thicker look to the lashes. We have a special product that is adapted to the lash lifting treatment. It’s a nourishing coating, available as a salon/professional product and as a consumer product to resell.

Hi Sweet Lash Lift is designed not only to lift the lashes but give nourishment to the lashes. The unique steps in the infusion and shine repair add to the hydration and longevity of the natural lashes. Regular use of Hi Sweet Lift does not harm the natural growth and development of the natural lashes


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